The well-being area of Le Mas Pinede

well-being area with spa and sauna

Optional: to relax, a sheltered well-being area with Spa (Jacuzzi) and Sauna is available all year long:


The benefits:

Relaxing action.
Purifying action.
Muscular and cardiovascular action.
Improvement of immune defenses.
The beauty of the skin.


Spa (Jacuzzi)

The benefits:

Blood flow.
The evacuation of toxins.
Relaxation of muscle fibers.
Fight against aging through stress management.
Natural defenses.
Quality of sleep.
A tonic effect on the skin.

Bodybuilding bench




And if you are sporty:

A Bodybuilding bench









Relaxation therapy sessions and massage can be provided on request.




Relaxation therapyThe benefits:

Pain relief
Reducing tension and relaxing muscles.
The evacuation of toxins and fats causing cellulites.
A toned body.
A softening of the skin.
Promotes sleep.
Improving digestion.
Allows better blood and lymphatic circulation.
Improves the flow of energy.
Helps fight stress, anxiety and depression.

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